We've always stocked a good range of saxophones new & used for the last 17 years here at Curly Woodwind, but as we move into 2018 we're going to be dealing more and more with vintage and classic saxes from yesteryear as well.

Expect some great hand selected American pieces such as Conn, King, Buescher, Martin etc from the 1920s onwards and similar European horns from Selmer, Buffet, Dolnet, Grassi etc. 

All these horns are going to be fully serviced, set up to perfection and come with our famous 12 month warranty - so you can purchase a classic sax with complete confidence (none of the risk of saxes turning up through the post from Ebay etc not playing properly, badly repaired or needing hundreds spending on them)

Keep you eyes peeled for video reviews on each sax - follow us on facebook and subscribe to our youtube account.


30th Nov 2017

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