Repairs & Servicing

Curly Woodwind offers a fast, efficient and comprehensive repair facility for most woodwind instruments.

In store every day we are adjusting, fixing and optimising customers' instruments. Many repairs can be done on the same day.

It is, obviously, impossible to give completely accurate prices and times on repairs without seeing the instrument "in the flesh" but the list below should give you an idea.

Often small adjustments can be done while you wait and we rarely charge for these - we also do not charge for looking!


- re-corking clarinet tenon joint corks/ saxophone necks (crooks) £25.00 - usually completed within a couple of hours.

- regulation, re-felting/ corking keys, straightening keywork, re-seating pads, spring adjustment, general minor repairs from approximately £30.00 - usually completed that day.

- servicing (full strip down, deep clean and polish, replacing worn corks/ felts (plus a couple of pads), full rebuild of mechanism, oil, spring adjustment and balancing,  mechanism regulation for optimum playability, adjust and playtest)  - from £120 (flutes & clarinets), from £200 (saxophones) usually completed within 7 days depending on current workload - the idea of a full service is to try to make the instrument "like new" again!

- full overhaul - as with servicing with complete pad replacement, worn springs replaced - varies on instrument - flutes/ clarinets from £200.00, saxes from £500.00 - prices depend on type of instrument, quality of replacement pads used and so on - usually completed within 3 weeks depending on current workload.


Please note the above is just a very rough guide, we can give an accurate quotation on viewing the instrument - feel free to contact us or pop into the shop to discuss any issues with your instrument - "walk ins" very welcome.